Why Web3 Matters?

Why Web3 Matters?

Why are so many people interested in this?

Web3... Blockchain... Crypto... NFT...

You may have heard these alien terms recently. I too heard them, but I got hooked on them when I realized their potential!

Web2 vs Web3: The Fight for a Democratic Internet

A few centuries back there was a rule of "kings" and "monarchy". People accepted it the way it was. Very few people thought that there can be something like "democracy". Fast forward to today, we live in a democratic country.

P.S. You would have hated it today if you had to live in a monarchical system.

In the same way, the internet, the most important part of our lives is controlled by the monarchs (Web2 companies). They "rule" you more than the way you can think of :)

But, but, there are a few people fighting for the "democratic internet". You might think wth is this and why should I care?

Well, honestly you shouldn't, but sooner or later the internet will be democratized and you'll not think of the current internet world (Web2) the way you don't think about the monarch today.

Right now you have just accepted the Monarch Rule (i.e., Web2) and you don't care about there could be something like a "democratic internet".

The Role of the Masses in the Web3 Revolution

Obviously, you can say "crypto is a scam" or it's just a "Ponzi scheme". Well, the bad actors gave their best to spread this message, but hopefully, it will vanish soon.

Any "revolution" becomes successful only when the masses realize there's something wrong going on with the system.

I and my teammates at Musixverse realized this and we decided to contribute a small part to this "revolution".

We are launched "GetIntoWeb3". Nothing but an initiative to educate people about Web3.

Looking to the Exciting Future of Web3

For sure you'll be using "Crypto Wallets" in the future, you'll talk to each other via "Virtual Reality", and you'll hang out and do a proper job in the "Metaverse".

But right now it may not make much sense to you. If 20-30 years back someone would have said that you can "video call" and "text" someone through a "screen-touch mobile", you can "order food online", can do a job from home, etc. It wouldn't have made much sense to you at that time.

Anyways, the future is exciting! It's "of the people, by the people, for the people".

P.S. You use WhatsApp, Insta, and FB every day but do you know why Facebook changed its name to "Meta"? Is there something?